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History of Talley Brothers, Inc.

Talley Brothers, Inc. formed from very humble beginnings.  Paul Talley, Jr. started the company in 1985 with little more than his tool belt, and soon discovered that there was a huge demand for craftsmanship, fair pricing, and friendly business practices.  Within a few years, the company became busy enough that Paul Jr. needed help.  Paul Jr. convinced his father (Paul Talley, Sr.) to join the company.  Paul Talley, Sr. brought with him over 40 years of experience in running the largest concrete projects built in Delaware, and detailed knowledge of local estimating rates and practices of the largest construction company in the state. His reputation elevated Talley Brothers, Inc. to the next level, and attracted the best craftsmen and managers in the region.  Together, they created what was to become the largest and most reputable concrete contractor in Delaware, Talley Brothers, Inc..

In addition to their fair business practices, the Talley's were true gentlemen in their personal lives.  They were dedicated to providing a decent place of employment, and fair compensation for the craftsmen working for them.  Honesty, integrity, and fair play governed all of their actions  They continue to be dedicated to their families, their communities, and their faith.  Paul Talley, Jr. and Paul Talley, Sr. continue to be an inspiration for all of us at Talley Brothers, Inc., and have provided the model by which this company will operate for decades to come.